Welcome to Leena's page.

I'm Leena Pajo, born in Finland, living in Karlsruhe since 1997. In the page you can view my paintings, maybe some piece of jewellery I have done and some photos.

I have paint since I remember. My earlier works are more figurative, today works are more abstract, action paintings which leave our imagination more freedom to interpret a work every day.

I'm not too good to keep my page up to date but I do my best. You may also view my artworks from my Facebook side "Leena Artwork". Some of them are also in Saatchi.

I share atelier Sophie136 in Karlsruhe, Sophienstrasse 136 with 3 power ladies. Welcometo visit us.


email : leena@lpajo.eu


  • Oversize works April 2021
  • Big works April 2021
  • 100*100 works April 2021
  • Tiny works April 2021